The Story

The story of Tabula is in itself the meeting between six friends, and the first conversations around a centuries-old walnut table supported by two iron trestles in a corner of a large carpentry shop, which took place one spring evening in 2015.
The carpentry is the Trento & Bizzotto company, and it is from here that Tabula’s journey began, taking shape day after day with commitment, enthusiasm and many ideas, with the sharing of different experiences, converging towards everything that is beautiful and innovative.
The first months were used to transfer ideas onto kilometers of white paper to arrive at projects, and then hundreds of samples and prototypes, made and redone several times in search of the right proportion and with attention to every detail.
Fundamental in this first part of the journey was the historicity of the parent company, Trento & Bizzotto, maturity in thirty years in building kitchens with artisan techniques and quality materials, but above all the willingness of the company itself to experiment and deal with new methodologies and different finishing techniques, to create finished products with a decidedly innovative image and aesthetic content.
In the last months of 2015, the first prototypes of finished kitchens were born and, after the appropriate updates, planning began to create valid sales tools and structure the commercial network suitable to make Tabula and its creations known to the market.
In itself our history is very recent, but Tabula and its project were born with deep roots and with the set of skills matured over years and years of work by the six friends, each with their own experiences, and all with the spirit of sharing a single new project, planned and defined.

Each project is born from an idea

An idea must be capable of infecting the thoughts of those who listen to it, look at it, touch it.
An idea comes to life and becomes something new when it interacts with space and its configurations, creating different sensations each time.
The spirit and concept of the Tabula project is this, not a banal example of kitchen models, but a set of open systems, programs with a strong identity capable of communicating with each other with maximum dimensional, material and aesthetic flexibility to give substance to the visions of those who love to design.
Tabula kitchens and living spaces are places to meet and communicate, but also to relax and finally feel at home. They are environments in which the individual can still allow himself to give importance to his own creative side and experience the emotion of making something come from his own hands.
The various phases, starting from careful design, and then moving on to development and production, are closely connected to each other. Craftsmanship and manufacturing art, expertly linked to industrial processing techniques, are distinctive features of Tabula.
Every single creation is important, the result of a personalized design, and enjoys a dedicated production phase, piece by piece, pre-assembling them into the finished composition, before arriving at the final finishing phase with dyes and lacquers.
The result is expressed in extraordinary products, kitchens in which technical ingenuity and remarkable craftsmanship are expressed from start to finish to fully adapt to the desires of those who will use them in the years to come.

Eco-sustainability to respect the environment

TABULA uses new wood from controlled and certified European forests.
In some cases, the use of recycled wood of national origin is envisaged
For the construction of the structures, Tabula uses formaldehyde-free wooden panels and glues without pentachlorophenol.
TABULA kitchens are the result of construction and design choices. Throughout our project, ecology and respect for the environment are fundamental and essential in all our creations.