Every project starts from an idea.
An idea must be able to infect the thoughts of those who listen to it, look at it.
An idea comes to life and becomes a new thing when it interacts with the space and its configurations, each time creating different sensations.
This is the spirit and the concept of the project of Tabula: it is not a common example of kitchen models, but a set of open systems and programs with strong identity, able to talk with to each other with the maximum dimensional, material and aesthetics flexibility, to give substance to the visions of those who love design.
The kitchens and the living environments of Tabula are places to meet and communicate, but also to relax and feel like home. They are places where we still can afford to give importance to our creative side, and experience the thrill of giving birth to something from our hands.
The various stages, from a careful design to the development and production, are closely related to each other. Craftsmanship and handmade art, which are sagely linked to industrial production techniques, are hallmarks of Tabula.
Every single creation is important and it is the result in a customized design; it enjoys a customized production stage, preassembling the pieces in the finished composition before arriving at the final stage of finishing with paint and varnish.
The result is an extraordinary product, kitchens where the technical talent and remarkable craftsmanship express themselves from beginning to end to fully adapt to the desires of those who will use them over the coming years.