The story of Tabula was born from the encounter of six friends and the first chatters around a centuries old walnut table supported by two iron sawbucks in a corner of a large carpentry. It happened one evening in the spring of 2015.
The carpentry is the company Trento & Bizzotto: it is from here that the path of Tabula started, taking the shape day after day with commitment, enthusiasm and many ideas.
The first months have been employed to transfer ideas on to kilometers of white sheets to get to the projects, and then hundreds of samples and prototypes made and remade several times in search of the right proportion, with attention to every detail.
In this first part of the journey the historicity of the motherhouse Trento & Bizzotto, which has showed maturity in thirty years in building kitchens with craft methods and high quality materials, has been crucial. In addition, the availability of the company to experiment and engage with new methodologies and different finishing techniques to create end products with an image and innovative aesthetic content has proved efficient.
The first prototypes of finished kitchens were born the last months of 2015. After that, the planning to create some valid sales instruments and structure and an adequate commercial network started.
Our history is very recent in itself, but Tabula and his project have deep roots and a mix of skills acquired through years and years of work of the six friends, every one of them with experiences and the spirit of sharing a unique new project, planned and defined.