Tabula has chosen the laminated HP together with the natural materials. Our selection has been focused basically on two different products “Abet”, both thick and resistant, not to be confused with common melamine papers.
The two products are HP Print and Polaris. They are used in sheets of thickness 0.9 mm and applied on doors and panels in three crossed layers of wood, leaving the edges to view.
The laminate sheets are made of paper for the 60% and the other 40% is made of phenolic and melamine resins.
Paper and resins are subjected to a high pressure process that combines heat and specific pressures. The end result is a non-porous, stable material, resistant to scratches and wear, completely different from those of the individual raw materials.
In the farm the laminate is cut and pasted with machines and advanced techniques. Also in this case, however, the human intervention is essential. Each edge or junction are finished manually, door after door.
It is amazing how this material coexists with woods and stones in kitchens projects and in a logic of contamination that characterizes our proposals.

lavorazione laminato